Appetizers, Entrées and Desserts


This is a selection of our best appetizers, entrées and desserts. All of them are not listed here below. Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any specific needs.




Fresh vegetables soup
Farmer soup with chunky vegetables and chicken
Sweet peas and mint soup
Andalou Gaspacho and its rolls of cantaloupes, cucumber, watermelon, bell pepper, mint and basil
Carrot cardamom Velouté

Salad Niçoise (Tuna, string bean, tomato, black olive, potato, anchovy, hard boiled egg)
Chick peas Salad with onion, bell pepper, tuna in a Vinaigrette sauce
Red beets salad and goat cheese
Piémontaise salad (Potato gherkins, egg, tomato, flat parsley, mayonnaise or Dijon mustard dressing)
Pasta salad (bell pepper, tomato, olive)
Pesto Pasta salad
Greek salad (tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, red onion, bell pepper, olive)
Roasted marinated bell peppers
Lima beans salad and Pecorino cheese
Classic coleslaw salad

Bruschetta Or Guacamole on garlic crostini
Beet or sweet potato chips



Braised Beef Burgundy with roasted Potatoes and its string Beans wrapped in Bacon
Oriental Chicken Tajine, semolina couscous and vegetables (carrots, celery, chick peas, turnips, onions)
Chicken Ballotine with truffle oil, Porto wince Sauce, pilaf rice and marinated mushrooms
Coq au vin and creamy scallop potato
Chicken Stew Old Style, pilaf rice and butternut squash
Confit Duck Leg, Fig Vinegar Sauce, Straw Potato cake
Fresh Fish in parmesan crust (choice of fresh salmon, bassa, skate), provencal rice and ratatouille
Pillow of fresh Salmon with goat cheese and pesto sauce, provencal rice and ratatouille
Sauteed Cod Brandade and herbed vegetables
Quiche with asparagus and mushrooms – VEGGIE


Saint Honore Cake (caramelized Cream puffs and Chantilly cream)
Cheese cake with mixed berries coulis or sea salt caramel
Trianon chocolate cake with hazelnut brandy snaps

Apple “tarte fine” with almond cream on a fluffy puff pastry dough
Lemon Tart
Sugar Tart (with pumpkin in season)

Chocolate Mousse Verrine
Pistachio Crème Brûlée with vanilla bean
Panacotta Verrine with caramelized pears